QTUM: The Next Big Thing?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more interesting and the competition between old and new coins is growing. One cryptocurrency that will be mentioned in the future is the Qtum Coin. This coin is the cryptocurrency of the start up Qtum, founded in 2016.

The currency was activated in order to be able to finance the current Qtum project at all. On this platform a blockchain will be developed, which will function in the near future like a bridge or an adapter between already existing blockchains. The developers describe their blockchain as a platform for the increasingly complex global business world. The current Qtum share price is currently around 11.20€ (as of 07.09.2017).

What Exactly Will Qtum Achieve In The Future?

The super blockchain of the start-up will be used in the areas of finance, manufacturing, industrial logistics, telecommunications and protection against counterfeiting. The start-up sees itself as a hybrid blockchain platform for a wide variety of applications.

The ether and bitcoin blockchain are to be combined with each other. For this the developers of Qtum use a so-called account abstraction layer system. Such systems hide account details and make different systems compatible with each other. This means that different transaction systems can be read by each other. This ingenious idea sounds simple at first, but its implementation requires many clever minds.

Special Features Of This Altcoin

This idea has already taken hold for the financing of your own project. Qtum Coin already has a market capital of over 800 million US dollars (as of 08.09.2017). Qtum ranks 14th in the ranking of crypto currencies.

Meanwhile, a total of 72 million US dollars are traded daily in crypto currencies. The leader is still very clearly Bitcoin. In a crowdsale, Qtum sold 51,000,000 Qtum coins in just five days.

The start-up company thus generated the enormous sums of 77,081,031 ethers and 11,156,766 bitcoins. However, these sums will also be necessary to complete the Qtum blockchain. At the moment there is a beta version in the network of the start-up.

Technical Implementation Of The Blockchain

Qtum wants to connect the most important transaction systems with each other. This blockchain becomes the bridge between the Broof-of-Stake algorithm PoS, the Unspent Transaction Output UTOX and the Ethereum Virtual Machine EVM. This blockchain is always compatible with Bitcoin gateways and Ethereum contracts.

This compatibility is maintained even when your system is updated. The company also offers so-called master contracts. These are smart contracts that enable interaction between the blockchain and data outside the blockchain. The blockchain is also being developed for smartphones. The software will therefore be correspondingly slim.

The Future Chances Of Qtum Coin

Qtum not only creates an interface between the different blockchains, but also a bridge between the real and digital world. Investors of distinction have already joined Qtum.

These include Anthony di Iorio, founder of Ethereum, Weixing Chen, the founder of KuaiDi and Xu Star, CEO of OKCoin, are also among Qtum’s financially powerful investors. The promising start-up also works with companies such as Alibaba and NASDAQ. Qtum’s concept seems plausible and forward-looking. Main Net is launched in September. Who informs himself early enough, can buy cheaply and possibly obtain large profits.