Germany legalizes online (BTC) gambling


Who hasn’t found an article in the news or newspaper about a gambler who has literally “gambled away house and home”. Again and again, there are such reports because players do not have themselves under control and use too much money in a casino or betting portal.

Until now, gambling with foreign providers like Cloudbet (-> was considered a legal gray area for customers from Germany. From June 2021, however, this is finally over and there is a uniform regulation.

In the past, there was always trouble between the German state, its laws and the gambling providers from the Internet. All advertisements of the casinos, for example, should be stopped on the spot a few years ago. However, the decision of the European Court of Justice saw this differently, so that currently may continue to be advertised on TV and other media. Playing in an online casino was also approved, provided that the casino has a European license.

Even after the decision of the European Court of Justice, no real peace returned. Again and again there were discussions between the German state and providers of online gambling. What was finally decided and provides order is the new gambling treaty. We took a look at what new regulations will apply from June and what this means for casino fans.

A uniform regulation from June 2021

casino regulationIt really has to be said that an agreement has finally been reached that looks fair for both sides. The main focus of the gambling agreement is supposed to be player protection, so that limits are imposed that have it in them for many players and will certainly not please the casino portals.

In order to finally be able to legally accept a German player, the online casino must adhere to these requirements and have a license from Germany. Many sports fans or casino enthusiasts will certainly have asked themselves more often why an advertisement on TV exclusively addressed players from Schleswig-Holstein. This is because there was already a license in Germany, but it has now expired. The license from Schleswig-Holstein will finally be replaced by the unified German gambling license from June 2021.

From June 21, a German license will be issued to betting providers and casino portals. Providers with such a license are thus officially entitled to accept German players from all federal states. However, in order to obtain such a license, the portals must adhere to a wide variety of requirements.

For example, the live area must be completely discontinued in a casino, which means that table games such as roulette and blackjack may no longer be offered in an online casino. Thus, even the best casino bonus offers for the live area will disappear in one fell swoop and only slot machines can still be gambled on.

The player protection is in the foreground

Another serious change affects both players with high stakes, as well as the casino portals themselves. A limit of 1,000 euros per month is imposed on German players. After this deposit limit is reached, the player is automatically blocked from making further deposits and thus cannot continue playing. Casinos like 888casino (-> that use Netent (-> software or similar will certainly miss out on some stakes due to this regulation, provided that a player with a high stake is not allowed to continue playing after only a few spins.

Anyone who has already played in a casino knows how to find a loophole. Especially because the German state is currently still in the starting blocks and has numerous other problems to solve, there will be numerous ways to circumvent this betting limit at the beginning.

Since there is currently no uniform overarching data transmission of the casinos, a gambler can log into another casino and continue playing. How the German state intends to proceed against this is currently still up in the air. When the state will start transferring player data has not yet been determined.

Waiting time of five seconds while playing

gambling onlineAnother hack for casino portals is the new waiting period that must be observed between a spin. Each player will have to put up with a five-second cool-down period before they can spin again on a slot machine.

Of course, online casino portals lose a lot of money here. Automatic play has also already been removed from most slots, as this is also a condition for the issuance of the German gambling license.

Gambling houses will benefit from the changes from June 2021 onwards

In recent years, the hype around online casinos was very big. More and more players migrated to the Internet, so that more gambling halls had to close because the clientele stayed away. With the new changes, some players will certainly go back to a casino to be able to get a comprehensive offer.

First and foremost, the lost live game will cause the online casino some concern. If a player feels like playing a round of roulette or blackjack, he will no longer receive an offer at a German-licensed casino. Only arcades and casinos will be equipped with this offer.

Also, the change in stakes and cool-down time will most likely get some gamblers around their nerves, making going to an arcade or casino more likely.

Bonus offers were the lure of casino portals

  • Not only the better game selection and higher betting possibilities are an advantage of the casino industry on the Internet. Bonus offers also attracted more and more players to the net.
  • Regarding the welcome packages for newly registered players, there are no restrictions, so that these may continue to be offered and will certainly be even more lucrative in the future.
  • While in an arcade only a welcome is offered, in an online casino there are still credits for free. Many of the portals will resort to even higher bonus offers due to the restrictions in order to be able to keep the players.

Conclusion: An agreement was high time!

What lasts a long time, finally becomes good – This sentence also applies with regard to gambling on the Internet, as a regulation will finally come into force in June 2021, so that players can pursue their hobby quite legally.

Player protection is a good thing, so that the issue of “gambling addiction” can be addressed much better and gamblers can be protected from high losses. With the changes coming into force, some casino portals will certainly no longer be accessible for German players. Already months ago, numerous portals have withdrawn from the German market, because they do not agree with the conditions.